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The Colorado & Silver River Railroad is a bridge route between the Union Pacific at Harriman, WY and the Denver & Rio Grande Western.  The major industries served are coal, oil, cattle and farming.  The C&SR is in bad financial shape and is struggling to turn a profit.  The time is May 1957.  

Along the Eagle Route the C&SR serves Harriman in Wyoming, Craig, Evan, Majestic, Bond, Ute Army Reserve, Monarch, Axial, Yampa, Dawson, Golden, Hell and Salida in Colorado.  The C&SR interchanges traffic between the Union Pacific at Speer and the Denver & Rio Grande at both Salida and Bond.  The Union Pacific traffic originates at Salt Lake City, Utah and Kansas City, KS and the Denver & Rio Grande at Denver to Pueblo, Colorado.  The main C&SR yard is at Monarch.

In truth...the Colorado & Silver River is an S Gauge model railroad.  My name is Chip Romig of Dallas, TX and I am the C&SR's Owner/Operator. Richard Day is currently serving the C&SR as Chief Dispatcher.  The layout is constructed in a room that is approximately 28' by 60'.  The railroad incorporates both standard and narrow gauge operations.  The bench work was done by myself and Lee Johnson.  The C&SR is a combination of the skills of several model railroaders: Les Brandt, Bill Childers, Steele Craver, Eric Davis, Richard Day, Charlie Kirk MMR, Ken Klaviter, Tom Levens, Bill McPherson, Jim 'Speed' Mueller, James Peterson, Duane Richardson-MMR, Tom Santella, George Schilp, Elbert Smith, Jerry Hoverson, MMR & Howard Stvenson. 

On the C&SR we use NCE  DCC for operations and all locomotives have sound and lights.  We use car cards to manage all traffic across the line and we have installed JMRI & Panel Pro for the dispatcher.  The operators use a telephone system to talk with the dispatcher and the layout features fully functioning signals.

Please take a look around and I hope you enjoy your ride on the C&SR.  If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email.

Chip Romig, MMR 423


   You are the  passenger on the C&SR.


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