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May 11, 2004


The purpose of this page is to promote operating sessions in S Scale. A typical operating session on the C & S R requires 9 engineers, a dispatcher, and a supervisor.  A typical session will last 3 hours.  It is a real blast to have your friends working together on your layout. It is even fun to spend a couple days getting ready and setting up the session. We use car cards for operations.

 Listed below are some of  the advantages of operating in S Scale.                                       

  • You can read the car numbers
  • All the engines can have sound, even the switchers
  • A small amount of momentum on even the switchers make them act in a very prototypical way
  • The size of S Scale is not much more than HO, however the volume is. The extra mass makes the cars act more realistically
  • Because of the above the engineers operate on a slower pace than what I have experienced on HO.
  • Track electrical pickup is better in S.
  • Electromagnetic uncoupling works great, and delayed uncoupling even better in S Scale.
Chip Romig, MMR 423

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